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WEARS ARMY UNIFORM SOLDIER GAVE HER Kansas City Woman Is Arrested on Her Way Home. "The young woman had donned a sol- dier's uniform, cut off her hair and started home on a soldier's ticket be- cause she was ill and without funds, having only recently been discharged from a hospital at San Francisco. — (Special to The Herald.) — Quietness reigned in the copper strike district today, the usual early disturbances falling to mate- rialize. Carlson Brothers are wholesale, agents for the famous Bethania Min- eral Water and Glngerale. administratrix of the e.state o C Charles Bertell and the Mahoning Oro & Steel company for the payment of $5,500 by the company on a claim for wrongful death. I An establishment where refined taste prevails, presenting styles cosmopoli- tan in character — ARE NOW SHOWING The best products of world-famed artists, many being imported by this firm for its own exclu- sive use; together with adaptations not found in the usual store. I am not now talking about the sa- loon keeper, but the men who, engaged in legitimate lines of trade, are neces- sarily affected by agitation such as we have had about the enforcement of our laws in Duluth for the last six months. The governor commented upon the attitude of "some senators" and de- clared that "this Is a trial; not a po' lltlcal fight." He said that "justice Is all I want." QUIET IN THE COPP ER MINES (Continued from page 1.) derstood to have the backing of Gov- ernor Ferris, was referred to by both President Moyer of the Western Feder- ation of Miners and Treasurer Lennon of the American Federation of Labor, in their addresses to 3,000 strikers Sun- day. Hemans of the state railroad commis- sion, which it is said embodied the withdrawal of the Western Federation of Miners from the controversy. Hemans suggested that the mine oper- ators or managers should voluntarily request the strikers to return to work, and also request the governor to select an arb Uration board or commis.|ion to Investigate the three alleged grievan- ces ^f the strikers, with the under- standing that the Wei^tern Federation of Miners would withdraw from the controversy without seeking recogni- tion or participation of the adjustment of the difficulty. It will mark the of that department of the rnment to obtain an ac- 3 of Its immensely valu- riglnated with Postmaster eson.

She had been givei] the ticket, she said, by the soldier, who had sympathized with her and offered to assist her. The strikers held the largest mining parade since the strike started, both men and women being in line. — Charge4 with murdering his wife's father, mother and 16-year-old brother earljr today, D. Baxter, 35 years old, a telephone lineman, is being sougiit by the police of the city. Baxter went to the home of his wife's father, Henry Smith, where Mrs. TWO NE W COM PANIES, Corporation to Manufacture Stoves Has Capital of $250,000. In district court Saturday, Jtidgo Dancer sisf*id an order ratifying a. Not the early season models which the Pari- sian modists show to the multitude of American buyers,, but the masterpieces that are being shown in Paris now, and which are not shown to eveiyone, and cannot be copied. These people are affected by the fact that the men who traded w^ltfi them no longer come to Duluth and, like Othello, they have found their occupation gone. Roth declared that any plan which was as fair to the men as it was to the operators would be considered. Abbey of the state troops re- turned yesterday after a two weeks' absence and is again in charge of the military activities. ted by an official of the that no one knew just stoffice department owns assets were. Cole of the Eighth Ohio nold the house lobby com- mittee today that Martin M.

BEERS, Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Republic. — As- sembled for the first time in a southern city, more than 14,000 Union veterans are here today for the opening of the forty-seventh annual encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic. Inasmuch as the adoption or rejec- tion of this ordinance Is the only Question to be determined at the elec- tion tomorrow and as I have opposed the passage of the ordinance and caused it to be submitted to a vote of the people, I feel that I should pub- licly state my reasons for opposing it. Bridge was played at three tables during the afternoon with Miss Jessie .

Agents of the Constitutional- ist movement sto utly maintained the (Continued on page 6, fourth column.) m VL CONTRACf S AT ELGi N ARE HIGHER G. MISSIONARY HONORED BY MIKADO IS DEAD More Than 14,000 Union Veterans Guests of Cliattanooga, ALFRED B.

"We w^l U probably not take Thaw to Littleton until tomorrow morning," he said. Burke, Republican whip of the house of representatives, has decided, on account :t poor health, not to be a candidate for re-election, and to retire from public life at the close of his present term. i RECEIVED HIGHEST AWARDS World's Pure Food Iji ^ Expedition. There can be as little dispute but that it was ill-advised. After two months of strict law enforcement, in which a number of violators of the law had been put out of business and had lost their property, and others en- gaged in similar lines of bi^siness given to understand that they would share a like fate did they not obey the law, it seemed unfair to make new laws so that there might be more law enforcement.