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This is a privacy-preserving method of authentication by which no data, other than the fact that the person wishing to access a site knows the correct login details and is over or under the age band set by the website, is shared with private companies.

This article highlights that examples of the technical architecture required to enable age verification using PPS numbers not only exist but have also been certified and are operational in, for example, a UK context.

When there is so much concern about the ill-effects of young children being exposed online to hard core pornography and a willingness by UK-based adult-content producers to introduce online age verification, it is an opportune time for Ireland to consider the benefits and challenges associated with introducing online age verification.

The Data Commissioner deemed that the PPS number is classified as non-sensitive personal data, similar to name and address, and can be collected by schools.

The PPS number is a unique reference number that could very easily be used to enable online age verification, in a privacy preserving manner, by gambling operators, adult entertainment sites, online dating platforms and online retailers that sell age-restricted goods.

The Government has enabled a scheme that issues a PPS number to Irish citizens, including children and young people.

To address privacy concerns the Department of Education and Skills consulted with the Data Protection Commissioner on the collection of individual pupil information for the primary online database.

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