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From today, current account holders will be able to give permission for their personal data to be shared with third parties.This will enable firms to tailor deals to them by analysing their spending.

But Julia says her cheating husband tried to convince her the betrayal was all in her head.

She shared her story to show how damaging lies can be to a relationship.

Harriet Hawkins would have turned two this April and it is a daily torment for her parents to imagine what their little girl would be like now. Harriet’s first smile, first tooth, first steps — these are all the treasured milestones lost to Dr Hawkins, 48, and his wife Sarah, 34 (both pictured left, today, and right, cradling Harriet shortly after she was born).

For the sake of their own sanity, these are thoughts that must be pushed aside.

Ten years later a statue of the pair holding a dove, named Innocent Victims was erected nearby to complete the memorial.