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    For example, When you execute INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE statements the cursor attributes tell us whether any rows are affected and how many have been affected. INTO statement is executed in a PL/SQL Block, implicit cursor attributes can be used to find out whether any row has been returned by the SELECT statement. The status of the cursor for each of these attributes are defined in the below table.

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    One of the first instances of this term was in the 1781 book written by the Reverend Samuel Peters, where he also provided the synonym for “Blue Laws”: “Bloody Laws; for they were all sanctified with excommunication, confiscation, fines, banishments, whippings, cutting off the ears, burning the tongue, and death.” As noted, while it is debated whether many of these blue laws were exaggerated or in some cases completely fabricated (not unlike the myth that lords used to bed all brides in their fiefdoms on their wedding nights- Jus Primae Noctis, First Night), what is no longer debated is the theory that the name came from the blue paper on which the laws were supposedly printed; there is simply no evidence to support such a theory. that presently they bear no relationship to establishment of religion . However, others have been struck down, in whole or in part, in Illinois (1962), Kansas (1964), Wyoming (1964), Kentucky (1966), Nebraska (1966), Washington (1966), Louisiana (1968), Minnesota (1968), Utah (1971), North Carolina (1972), Oklahoma (1972), Georgia (1975), Alabama (1976), New York (1976) and Pennsylvania (1978).

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    For these sites, we show estimated metrics based on traffic patterns across the web as a whole.

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    To put it simply, an Indicator of Interest is some verbal or nonverbal display of her attraction to you.