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11 x 17" Frameable reproduction of Mc Elroy's famous 1943 "Chart of Codes and Signals." The chart Includes International and American Morse, as well as Morse codes for Greek, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, and Japanese.

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"Your Guide to HF Fun" is specifically aimed at the newcomer to HF operation. Hard-copy reprint of N1FN's popular construction series, the A to Z is also available free on the web.

Everything you ever wanted to know about building things electronic.

All articles have been selected to be as timely and valuable to today’s Ham as they were to Ham Radio readers of the time.

If you're new to Amateur Radio, this one book will tell you everything you need to know about the mysterious world of DX, and if you are an old denizen of the "DX Dogpiles" you will learn some new tricks.

Speaking of learning new tricks, a pleasant surprise in the 3rd edition is the amount of attention devoted to QRP DX.