Dating the universe

It appears Pearl has taken this to her heart, as she asserted herself against Peridot when she treated Pearl in a degrading tone.

Pearl even goes as far as physically punching Peridot to show that she is an individual, not a piece of property.

In "Friend Ship", she admits she is very dependent on others to validate her, which loops into a strong inferiority complex.

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In "Last One Out of Beach City", Pearl takes her turn at trying to build a normal, human social life in the hopes of impressing Steven and Amethyst, voluntarily joining them in going to a show, and drinking beverages.

By the end, Pearl even approached the mysterious girl that had appeared repeatedly throughout the episode, whom Pearl seemed infatuated with.

Harry Potter actors Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) and Robbie Jarvis (James Potter) are dating in the muggle world.

Yesterday, Evanna posted a photo of the pair for Robbie's 29th birthday, referring to him in the caption as a "little babe": She talks about their relationship in other photos, even referring to him as her "boyf".

Pearl has a penchant for symmetry (going so far as to impale M. Bear Bear to maintain the symmetry of a pile of appliances and school supplies) and a high attention to detail.