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I'll grab a shower as you do." Beth replied in a happy tone "Great! Her and I are the same age, grew up on the same block and were best friends since we were kids. My hand went to my face and rubbed the sleep from my eyes as I responded back with "Ohhhh, hey Beth... met Jake and Gregg at the pub last night, but I'm ok, just waking up is all. Come on up to my room, I think I heard Mom go out back.

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As a result, women in these types of relationships gradually lose their identities. If you find yourself walking on eggshells, constantly thinking about how to avoid upsetting your significant other and believing it’s all your fault—I encourage you to take the steps to talk to trusted friend or counselor about abuse.

He wants you to think that you are the problem—but I hope you find an ounce of courage to talk to someone today.

If the statistics are true, 35% of women have been in emotionally abusive relationships —but it’s generally quite difficult to pinpoint because the abusers are good manipulators (i.e.

they tend to smooth over their bad behavior and make you believe it’s your fault).

I dated twice during the whole last semester but never pursued any kind of relationship.