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Wow, that Super Laz is some hombre, works full time, chases bad guys, saves people, seeks out the truth, and now he’s building a house too.They talk ad nauseum about how much Laz loves and has loved Kari (OK, I admit I’m jealous that she got MI Lazaro!

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He says once again he does not trust or believe Roberta.

Renata and Regina comment that Berta seemed truly sad and she swore she knew nothing about Fina, although they know it wasn’t true.

) Jero is delighted that Matias has decided to call him “teacher” again and Matias, quickly becoming the master of the love fest, admits that Jero will always be the best example of a teacher to him.

(Certainly he is the best example of how to look hot in a suit.)Jero says speaking of examples he and Renata decided that there would be no better example of Godparents than Matias and Adri.

The Garish Grupo warms up as the Familia Monterrubio (sans Berta) arrives at the party.