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It is understood, however, that the engagement of "Tiger Rose" will be resumed at the Broad, it having opened with marked success. In Charge of Bureau* Professional Copies Orchestrations In All Keys Also Quartets For Male And -IVIi Xed_; Voicejs : -&and7 Arrangements NOW liliii TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR COAST -TO -COAST SERVICE M. Her voice seems to be more .flexible, giving the impression she has had recent voice cultivation under the tutelage of one who has taught her acting as well. In any event she Is developing rapidly as a dlseuse of a very high order. I have always been unalterably opposed to this dictatorship because it is bound to limit the natural growth and independence of the smaller exhibitor and therefore hinder the ad- vance of the entire industry. The New York story mentioned the stage manager was a German. Felix Arndt; the pianist, has entered the popular song composing field with a number which Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. until Joining the two weeks ago, has "made" the Pelham Bay Band. Borne of the smaller publishers have adopted a new scheme of song publicity. Proxy" Apdale's Animals ALHAMBRA (ubo) Bessie Mc Coy Davis • Jo Ble Heather Co •Ethel Clifton Co •Jolly Wild ft Dunn •Cummlngs ft Fernnoyl Beaumont ft Arnold Ethel Hopkins Cblnko ft Hoffman COLONIAL (ubo) Bddle Foy Co W Ward & Girls Cbas Orapewln Co •Ed Averting •Walter Bcanlon Ed Morton Athoa ft Reed RIVERSIDE (ubo) •Mile Nita Jo Avon Comedy i "Somewhere with Pershing" •Pelham Naval Band Bob Hall The La Grofs Olga ft Mlska ROTAL (ubo) •Bessie Clayton Oo ' Jimmy Lucas Co •Walter Fencer Co Wilton Sisters Grenlee ft Williams Mile Merle Oo Moran ft Wiser (One to fill) • H O H (ubo) 2d half (8-6) Ah Ling Foo Nell Bogart Co •Blorie Boyle & Bryan . After Scanlon ap- peared the Foys, then intermission, wltb the choristers starting the second part and Just preceding the "Loan" sale, ably conducted by Johnny Donnelly. Donnelly was Bo hoarse from having worked all day In the open that at times his voice almost petered completely out - He orates one minute and acts the next He gets results, and Manager Al. Nothing gets away now, and even in the serlou B Inning with the recitative thing he swung right through without a slip."The i-Iiittle- Teaehori" a: -rural plav-by Harry-- ■ James Smith, with Mary Ryan in the title role, will be the attraction at the Garrick. '"* , HIPP (a&h) MAJESTIC (wvs) Deodata A Co (Sunday opening) Green A Bailey Herman a Sblrloy Vollalre & Lloyd Norah Kelly "Hun Chasers" Edward Farrell Co (One to fill) Latour A Gold ■ 2i balf Col D. A 2 *} balf Vincent A Raymond g Jn K & Br gwn Herbert Belbow A Co E er ? a » ee * Fiddlers ■ • Upton's Monks M , arlno .* M*' 8 * . Laurie Ordwuy KEITH'S (ubo) Adams A Guli I Wilson Aubrey Co American Girls Whitfield a Ireland Stephens A Brunelle Maude liarle Co "Girl In Moon" Robblna Yonkers NY P&*tn23L9? There Is now a marked contrast to the delinea- tion of her various characterizations. If the business is to progress it must advance upon the basis of free and unhampered selection of product for exhibitors, large and small, and the exhibitors alone can cure this evil by a resolute refusal to be drawn into any allied booking scheme, even if the results promised of temporary benefit to themselves. The Idea is to bombard Broadway with "throwaways" containing the words and advising the reader to ask for copies at music stores. •"Living Pictures" 1st half (7.-0) Wheeler Boys Eastman ft Moore "Poughkeepsie" Toby Claude 2d bait (10-18) Hugh Herbert Co Werner Amorea Co 125TH ST* (ubo) 2d half (3-6) •Mc Farland & Palace Werner Amores Co Billy Reeves Tozart 8 Black Dots 1st half (7-0) Ah Ling Foo El Cota Ruth Roye Howard's Animals 2d half (10-13) D Southern Co Orth ft Cody Walker ft Texas 818T ST (ubo) Hadequln 3 •Pearl Abbott Co O'Connor ft Dixon Carlisle ft Romer 2d half •Rose ft Thorn Frazer Flnley Co Mlllen ft Coogan (One to nil) 58TH ST (ubo) 2d bait (3-6) Lawrence Harvey •Sergt. Then the farcical and amateurle V— from a vaudeville standpoint— presentation of "Alma." Mark. ~ J Business In this Harlem house has been off lately, and wltb the Influenza scare In full bloom, attendance Is even less this week.The matter was taken before the managers' associa- tion at its meeting here Monday, but so far as could be learned no repre- sentative from this city attended the meeting. He Is a young ohap whi dances neatly In an Eton suit, doing some clever "Russians," pirouettes, spins, somersaults, etc The girls do several kinds of stepping, one of the number being the Bacchante in appropriate negligee. Their travesty French song and dance was a big hit The pair have materially Improved since last season. For then it will be nobody's business 1 Another important defect in the present relations between exhibitors and producers emanates from a tendency on the part of exhibitors in certain cities throughout the country to dominate the business of exhibitors in smaller sur-^ rounding communities, creating for themselves an artificial power over these smaller exhibitors, and in this manner limiting their choice of subjects. prime mover in, such an undertaking ") would go a long distance toward hav- ing the consolidation underwritten. It was headed "Copy of a confidential report 'sent to Seattle, Chicago and New York." The "Sentinel's" article was brought about through a story taking Miss Gehrue's version of her local engage- ment printed m the column of a no- torious press agenting paragrapher on a New York daily. 2 spot." Frank Mor- rell substituted, with his wife (Madge Adams) going on with him, her first big time stage experience. Substitution made by the Chicago office of the Orpheum Circuit. I Most of the big publishers are taking ad- vantage of the new outdoor theatre on Times square, '.'Liberty Hall," by sending down plug- gers to entertain the crowd. Havlland has taken on quite a few new writers In the last few weeks. number in Washington, Sept 22, before the Marine Corps. Edwards sang his song last Sunday also In Washington. * before name indicates act is hew, doing turn new to vaudeville, or appearing In city where listed for the first time. Splngold, Coney Holmes, Harry Weber, Tim Heeler and Tom Johnson. The syndicate has incorporated under the title of the Majestic Mining Company, a 0,000. Four added claims have been named for the two Simons, Forkins and Weber. Percy Atbos and Greta Read opened with their skatorlal exhibition, with neck and feet swings by the girl. Heretofore "Chappie" has always worked double or in a show or with a flocn /Of cuties around him, but "single" and follow- ing that long' period of the Loan he was ready, to cry "quits." But the cigar, the alphabetical reasoning and a monolog on women particularly plus personality and a southern accent turned the trick.

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Meanwhile the ravages of the plague continues to sweep the city, causing untold suffering, to say nothing of the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Brown A Barrows „ ORPHEUM (hp) Maxwell Quintet Beenian A Anderson Bob Mills Henry A Moore (One to 011) Billy Batcbelor Springfield, O. : ; v; Prince A Bell "Follies of Today" SUN (sun) _„ . The splendid results achieved at the stand of the Stage Women's War Re- lief Committee marks in high relief the totals of these workers. The time has come at last when MONEY MIGHT will go far toward , hastening the Victory that will stop these - dreadful casualty lists and bring our boys home again. Don't think about the money — that will all come back to you with interest. GOVERNMENT BONDS FOURTH LIBERTY LOAN Contributed through Division of Advertising United Status Gov't Cotnm. The Duncan Sisters were applauded on tholr AMERICAN ROOF. Opening with "Peaches in Georgia," he started well enough, but a comedy war song, "I Ain't Tired," failed to get any return. Let the motion picture industry, which has become a symbol to the world of Twentieth Century industrial organiza- "Oood-Bye Bill" Is the title of a comedy re- cently acquired by Famou B Players In which Shirley Mason, Ernest Truax and J. The scenario Is beln B writ- ten oy John Emerson and Anita Loos. Harry Revier has started a suit -against Carle E: Car it on for $2,250. "En L'Air" picture for Carlton at the Wharton plant, Ithaca, N. In the picture Bert Hall, the aviator, and Edith Day ("Going Up") are co- starred. Keough baa engaged an able staff, comprising some of the best known song men in Chicago. The upper floors will be converted into what is planned to be the most elaborate professional offices In the city. Harry Carroll Is writing exclusively for Shapiro-Bernstein ft Co., says Louis Bernstein of that Arm, and no other publishing concern has good right to use Mr. Wilklns A Wilklns 8 Black Dots "" (One to nil) 2d half Pete George Elvera Sisters "Lots ft Lots" (Two to fill) HAMILTON (moss) The Telacks Seymour ft Seymour Maurice Samuels Co Frank Farron Munroe A Mc Gulre Gilran A Girls 2d half Slg Franz Troupe Embs A Alton Emily Smiley Co Mc Donald ft Rowland Les Copeland Louise Bracades Co JEFFERSON (moss) Standard Duo Padula A De Nolr Mr ft Mrs Mark Hart Brlgg B A Nelson Louise Bracades Co Welch Mealy A M Petticoat Mln 2d half Sabo Trio Long ft Ward Maurice Freeman Co Piccolo Mldgeta "Golden Bird" Wheeler A Moran Musical Hunters Asahl Troupe GREENPOINT (ubo) 2d half (3-6) Brent A Aubrey •O'Connor A Nixon Tick Tock Girls" Gllmore A Leonard 1st half (7-9) Robert Swan Puck A Hess Wm Bailey Co "Grenadier Girls" 2d half. Yet there Is the Brice report and tbe almost daily verification of tbe same unspeak- able crimes oozing out of the towo won back by the steadily advancing Allies, Miss Clifton was somewhat hampered with a cough.

Just when the scourge attacked the city business was boom- ing and the theatres were enjoying the harvest. At midnight Friday the Commission- ers of the District closed all theatres, picture houses and dance halls for an indefinite period, as a precautionary measure to prevent the further spread of the epidemic. nguo ' r „ MAJESTIC (wva) £ aa ° Morton Co (Sunday opening) Y okaa * Don Tommy Ray Amoroa A Jeanetta Lorraine & Bannister Ef'acoe _, Pat Barrett F, lo . The groups of distinguished and popular actors, singers and speakers appearing daily on the Public Library steps account for the exceptional showing. Ray Samuels will headline the Wil- son Avenue Theatre, Chicago, next week, this being the first time in a long period that a small-time house in that town has had a feature notable of the foremost houses. Think about the brave young Amer- icans who are fighting and suffering and dying Over There for you. uo Public Information Thti space contributed for the Winking of the War by VARIETY T, VDRAX .-sir .futfjsi; Wrtic : .hi*cii f\ fw MT IM-t* •;-I, Ms m '$W m **■* ! v;i,»£ r *y :mm m f M ■;y B^MBIHBj MMjjjfr^ I I •'• '■■ 1 I I ■ H 1 I I a I'.' ! The greatest novelty'song sensation of the season "I'M CRAZY ABOUT MY DADDY" »v CHARLES Mc CARRON and CAREY MORGAN CHORUS I'm Min Bly'^crtir^ 'hnul my Muddy ; I love him in his unilorrn V .■..■'" .' ,}Ir'...Vmi Jitury eyes;-'all my fecliii KS mobilize. Week by week the nightly attendance at the Roof is increasing. Another comedy war num- ber, something about "A Colonel," fared but little better. Carlton claims to be personal representative for Miss Day, and the program at the Liberty states Cohan & Harris are presenting her with his permission. The Universal is about to inaugurate an advertising plan whereby the pro- ducing organization will share with the exhibitor the cost of advertising its product in the daily papers that carry motion picture departments. conceived by Tarkington Baker, last week appointed general publicity representative of the Uni- ' versal and given free rein to work out his plan with the exhibitors. Baker is to leave within the next week, for a trip across the continent visiting the . Direction MARK LEVY BILLY BUNNY BURCH BOOKED SOLID ORPHEUM CIRCUIT "3 Dffa CSonutrtittdn" Utttie 3m$ QJI|r amallret wan tul Uj tr)« btgnrnt not re 3a Buuurulllr Simtlmt, 3. Waterson, 'Berlin, Snyder, and Stern's same out this week with the small new size of sheet music, 0^4x12^4, surprising the music trade. Carroll's name in connection with their writing staff, he adds. Carroll has been giving his exclusive serv- ices to S. (10-13) EI Cota Murray Bennett •"Heart of Annie Wood" Ruth Roye PROSPECT (ubo) 2d half (3-6) *D Southern Trio Dunham A Edwards Frazer Flnlay Co Ruth Roye Ed Avellng Le Roy T A Bosco 1st half (7-0) 3 Eddys "The Weaker One" Murray Bennett "Helped by Enemy" 2d half (10-13) Brent A Aubrey •Jane Gall Co Lewis ft Leonla Gilran ft Girls - PROSPECT (moss) Piccolo Midgets Lewis & Leonla All Rajah Co Willie Smith F Fay A Boys 2d half The Telacks Carrie LUlle Maurice Samuels Co Frank Farron Old Homestead 5 REGENT (moss) The Dartos Embs ft Alton Maurice Freeman Co The Golden Bird Geo Jessell Old Homestead 5 2d half Gold Reece ft Edw Brlggs A Nelson Peter Platanoff Co Mason ft M'li'e Mumford A Thomson Crusoe's Isle Brooklyn ORPHEUM (Ubo) "Amorlcan Ace'* Barr Twins Williams A Woltus Walter Weems Lee ft Cranston The Gladiators (One to All) BUSHWICK..('jtl O)r: Blanche Ring "Maid of France" J C Nugent Co Sylvln Clark METRO (loew) 4 Holloways •Sou the A Tobln Tom Davles Co Adele Oswald Geo Primrose Co 2d halt Slg Franz Tr • Nada Peters John B Totten Co Smith A Troy •Clark A Verdi DE KALB (loew) Reed A Whiting • Beth Cballiss John B- Totten Co Hawtborne A Anthony Strassler's Animals' ■ 2d half . A more pronounced use of dialect by her as attempted by tbe soldier would lend further color to tbe characterization'.

"Hello America" 14 Oayety St Louis 21 Star & Garter Chicago. Johnny attempted a Scotch war ballad, which called for quiet. Certain exhibitors who feel that they can pay lesa for pictures by joining together in affiliation of exhibitors are right in one part of their theory— they will pay less for pictures — but they will obtain poorer picturea. If the exhibitor, therefore, who can afford to pay more for pictures than the price he would like to pay, faces this fact and is content to accept a less quality for lessmoney, he may and can have his desire fulfilled al- most immediately, and he may even make money temporarily by such a change. Take the history of the industry— look back upon the producing concerns who started out with a very promising producing program,' with ambitions to produce an excellent quality of pictures, and many of whom indeed actually produced excellent pictures in the early stages' of their existence. The' exhibitors began cutting their rentals, and the quality of the pictures began to drop just as quickly and as surely. The brightness of the Jap girl, her cheery smile and looks, made the turn also attractive, while her extraordinarily long hair is an added feature. That fact rather aids the turn, although it is quite questionable if Mr. If the turn could be rearranged to bring out the Russian dance at the finish the team would be a guaranteed riot on any' bill. Through the race track special setting the turn leads to a logical conclusion with Mr. Holman has gone in for more, elab- orateness and pretentiousness in stage environment, giving the setting more of a homey, comfy atmosphere than ordinary house scenery generally of- fered the light comedian. By EGAN & WHITING Writers of "Mammy's Little Coal Black Rose," "And They Called It Dixieland" and "Tulip Time In Holland." When We Went to Sunday School By KAHN & VAN ALSTYNE A song of school— and the Golden Rule. Joe Swerilng ("Swing") of Variety, who Joined the navy, will be assigned to do press work for the Great Lakes Revue, a sailors' show a la "Yip, Yip, Yaphank," at the Audi- torium. Harry Mc Coy, of the stage and Dims, wa B the an- nouncer, and a dozen actors appeared.- Morlo Howe, who quit theatre-treasuring to bo a manager, now controls three small houses I ' ■ : PAX BARRET X * Being swept over the W. At the opening the girls are disclosed in bed from which they make their entrance. Out of ail this come many gags, bu'Oome- how, they lack the comedy punch. Aside from the Pelbam bunch there wasjo full stage act, but the many drops used for ''Art" (New Acts) forced Kalmar and Brown out.

Hastings Harry 14 Miner's Bronx New York 21 Empire Brooklyn. Dooley is working single because of the Illness of Yvette Rugel, but his routine calls for a little help, and he Is being assisted by Al Hockey — at the piano— for several song numbers. And the worst of it is that the cost of this destructive and futile prac- tice is paid not alone by the few exhibitors responsible for the condition, but by every other exhibitor in the country. Lr^Z-^.j-j*.^ 1 If the producer makes a picture that he knows will take in altogether $100,- ~t W0is c Ciin "that .to-is~^ot~goirrg ~tcr— pend $125;000-to-make-it;-cven if-the- subject requires, that amount,, or.a. This inevitably means deterioration of quality, and therefore retrogression of the entire industry. "May time" predicted that before long if the war continues women will be replacing men upon the stage. Shubert also said that through the shortage of baggage cars traveling attractions may have to appear with house scenery. It looks dangerous and it is dangerous and it's enough to hold this act for the big time opening spot. For that reason if none other, "Back of the Front" should be approved. Watson that he plays more to the vaudeville style and less to the burlesque (where he was so long) than might have been suspected. Grace Ellsworth handles herself like a per- former, is presentable and sings, although she seems to be willing to sacrifice whatever voice she has through giving her Wn conception of rag singing. MJs S: Ellsworth's voice--- The finish is not strong, but is picked up\ . Ellsworth's* Russian dancing is repeated for a few steps. Janitor Higgins has a day off and goes to the race track, where an attempt to swindle him by some race track hangers-on, particularly a tout, is de- feated by him. "A Wise Old Owl," by Stephen Chatnplain, was given a workout on the road by another man in the role especially written for Harry Holman. A song with the bouquet of roses— a song that should be on everyone's lips before the season ends. Finally be went to work for a photographer and said he was through with the unfeeling American stage. Macloon bought the road rights to the new European travel talks of Newman, the lec- turer, and advertised for a spieler to explain the films. He got the Job because his right name is Victor Newman and in Peoria all Newmans sound alike. Halsell has taken over the Woodley and rechrlstened it "Victory." : \ A "Twin Beds" reopened the Mason after a siege of darkness . The Stage Woman's War Relief gathered In considerable dollars as a result of its benefit dance in a Hdllywood grocery store. Three Denis Sisters are attractive girls, and have a neat frame-up for Introducing their songs. Bennet stands Conroy against a target to shoot bullejs around him. The lat- ter in their new turn, "Bugland," found the stage lines too choked to handle their many new settings.

Hundreds of employees of theatres here have been laid low with the disease. It was expected when the theatres closed they would reopen Oct. Considerable comment has arisen here over the action of the health authorities in closing the "film" and regular theatres and permitting the department stores, with their crowded aisles and stuffy basement salesrooms, to remain ooen. They have a nice routine — one suitably arranged to bring them out to gocd advantage. De Leon and Davles were next An effective pair In the main, with the present war - responsible for their dialog which runs to a comedy climax on the battle two Ameri- cans have with French. Upon the men and women, the boys and girls, in the studios, theatres, exchanges and executive offices of producing and distributing com- panies, depend whatever greater glories are yet to crown the "motion picture art. : : after repeated requests from many of the best known ' artists to furnish them with stage material, has been induced by EDW. KELLER to devote some of his time to the vaudeville field MR. While the promoting of so gigantic a scheme might not be easily put through in financial circles at this time, it is within the realm of possibility in the not remote future. Some do something, others do nothing, but the ensemble effects, are impressive in the gowns they display. The evolution of dancing, as "Terpsichore" is ca Mled for this number, could be a finale of the performance, so well did it run to its finish with the two jazzers winding it up. t 33 BUY BONDS WITH THE MUSIC MEN Bobby Heath, the songwriter, has enlisted as a speaker tor the Loan. Ben Bard (Jack Wilson's partner In vaude- ville) Is a song writer. The Crown Music Co., hitherto known only aa a Jobbing^bouse, has decided to publish . Yan i- koe boys walkod in and called' your bluff ; _ Thai Mor» --to Chris -to I - doa will not t Bank-tupl work g w hen we end up this war;'—. We are go - Ing to h ave »jg mil • Hon men In Jino, If you Kal-ter mean t'Sam, now lis • (en Kal - ,e«r Bill,_ Bill If youdon't think (hey willoroia (he Rhine,- Tell thai. T"; .si- ll With your damned old U- Boats, Tell that to jho «-»--»—• riuo*.. The Majestic Theatre building for a week baa been buzzing with mining talk," as about twenty-five agents and their Immediate associates are In on the mine. — "Lombardl, Ltd.," with Leo Carrlilo and Grace Valentine (7th week). More males appeared from the start to the finish than has been noted In some weeks, but tor the moat part they gave a good account of themselves, although in one turn they didn't seem to get the bang of the demands of ."big time vaudeville." Ed.


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