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The subetheric generators positioned underground, below many pyramids were placed there when the pyramids were built and continue to be monitored twice a day by Galactic Federation Ships which maintain their calibration and operation.

Our Chakras are designed like circular flower petals with seed crystals in the center.

This is what acts on the water within the physical Body (Naptha) to modulate the DNA (Hermes, the fire) which carries plasma energy from the Sun and lives in every cell.

It will effect healing and will change how we eat, sleep, create and interact with energy.

It is this plasma energy which courses through our Chakra systems and moves into the nerve cells in each of the seven octaves.

It moves from there to the brain center and heart where it is stepped down into the cerebrospinal fluid, lymph and gamma light in the globulin of the blood plasma.


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    news learned that she was supposed to attend the rapper's 25th birthday party held at a restaurant, but she was a no-show!

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    It's a lifelong dance, a give-and-take, and it requires constant communication.

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    For now, she is spending time with her mom up North and doesn't have a set date to return to Los Angeles.

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    Petre Ispirescu a rămas în conştiinţa noastră drept modestul şi harnicul „culegător-tipograf” care a adunat vreme de peste 20 de ani basme româneşti şi le-a publicat în diferite periodice (începând cu basmul „Tinereţe fără bătrâneţe şi viaţă fără de moarte”, care apare în „Ţăranul român” la data de 21 ianuarie 1862, la sugestia lui Ion Ionescu de la Brad) şi sfârşind cu ediţia completă din Legendele sau basmele românilor adunate din gura poporului, publicată în 1882, la sugestia lui Vasile Alecsandri.