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Only having Orlando down here would have completed the circle and would have made the day complete. (Antique Magician’s Assistant), also known as Blackstone’s “Elusive Moth,” will be a featured guest on Creativity At 2011.

Until next time my friends, keep a dream in the making for you create your tomorrows by what you dream today. Come one, come all, you won’t want to miss this lecture. Adele traveled around the United States and Canada, by railroad train, with Harry Blackstone in the late 1940s, and has many stories about “how it was on the road with a major Magician” sixty plus years ago.

The delight comes simply from Chomet’s long-awaited return and the obvious artistry poured into every gorgeous frame of his latest feature. Despite the lengthy production cycle and increased budget, The Illusionist is, in many ways, a much smaller film than Belleville and completely lacking in the sort of mad-scientist wizardry that drew most to Chomet in the first place.

Though very clearly the work of the same man – the visual style is unmistakable – this is a very different film and those hoping for more of the same … SOURCE summer we watched “America’s Got Talent” for Jacksonville comedian Grandma Lee. Thirty-six-year-old magician Michael Grasso stuns the audience — and the judges.

Although it was difficult for him to speak, he always enjoyed the magic and being around his compeers.


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